Myofascial Release:

Myofascial Release  is a gentle hands-on technique. This whole body approach is designed to slowly and gently open and release the fascial tissue.  Fascia is a strong connective tissue which encases all the structures of the body together as one without any interruption. Imagine the structure of a spider web. Our muscles, nerves, veins and arteries are all supported through that web effect. Now imagine that web being twisted and therefor compressing and tightening around all of those body structures.  Ouch! PAIN!

Unfortunately there are no special imagining that can diagnose what is known as a Fascial restriction. It is felt through the underlying skin layers, as the feeling of hitting a brick wall.

Myofascial Release is an effective form of treatment which provides permanent lasting relief. This treatment is used to promote healing by increasing range of motion,  lengthening tissues, providing postural awareness, as well as decreasing pain and discomfort. Myofascial Release is especially helpful for those who suffer from; Fibromyalgia, Postural Dysfunctions, etc.

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