Laurie has been practicing yoga since fall of 2010. She discovered with a dedication to her practice, her Chronic back pain from a previous car accident was progressively becoming more manageable. As well, recognizing the sense of calm and groundedness, decreasing stress, while gaining overall strength, flexibility and pain control.

Her passions continued to excel as she continued to heal herself through her yoga practice. In 2014 she made the decision to take the next level of studying and recieving her 200 HR Hatha Yoga Teacher Certification through White Pine Yoga Centre in Pembroke, ON. In fall of 2016, she completed her 50HR AIReal Yoga Certification with founder Carmen Curtis at Ebb n’ Flow yoga studio in Northborough, Mass.

It is now, Laurie is ready to teach her clients to heal themselves beyond their Massage sessions by designing a specific yoga program based around each clients health care needs.

Not sure what type of yoga you need?

Overworking and feeling stressed???  Try a soothing slow Yin class with hands on adjustments. Allow yourself to slow down by holding relaxing poses for several minutes at a time releasing and unwinding the fascial tissues leaving the body and mind calm and rejuvinated.

Needing to be more active??? Try a Hatha flow class suiting your needs to stimulate muscular strength, stability and overall sense of balance and zen. Beginners-Intermediate-Advanced practice options available.

You can find Laurie teaching at White Pine Yoga in Pembroke, ON on Wednesday mornings at 6:30 am for a Warm Flow. Friday’s at 4:30pm for Warm Flow and 6pm for Yin and Tonic5x7_frontvisit


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